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Acoustic Environment

SOUNDTEX® is an innovative acoustical insulation – a non‐woven fabric that can be used in lieu of traditional acoustical materials where concerns about airborne glass fibers or space constraints exist.

SOUNDTEX® is ideal for suspended grid ceilings. The grid work is hung at a calculated distance from the structural ceiling, and perforated metal or wood panels replace the typical mineral fiber panels. To broaden the absorption range, each perforated panel can be backed with SOUNDTEX®, essentially a paper thin air filter. SOUNDTEX® provides an increased resistance to airflow which dissipates sound energy by converting it into heat.

  • Features:
    • Reduces reverberation
    • Hot melt adhesive backing for easy installation with heat gun or iron, fabric can be tacked across studs for slotted wood ceiling installations.
    • 2’ x 2’ sheets are convenient to install; also available in small and large rolls for larger areas.
    • Available is Black or White (longer lead time)
    • Variety of sizes, and custom options available
  • Applications:
    • Wood or Metal slotted Ceilings
    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Home theatres
    • TV/ Media rooms
    • Reverberant spaces



Technical PropertiesProperties
cellulose / glass
system synthetic resin
Structure of non‐woven
63 g / m2
0.27 mm
Sound impedance
190 Ns / m.3
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Acoustical Properties:Absorption Coefficient:NRC

 Absorption Coefficient Per Octave Band (Hz)
 125      250      500      1000      2000      4000 

20% open area, 1.8 mm. diameter holes

  0.7      0.93      0.61      0.72       0.82       0.79

16% open area, 2.5 mm. diameter holes

  0.82    0.89     0.75       0.77       0.81       0.89 


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