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  • Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station

     Centre Station

     Vaughan Metropolitan
  • GTAA Terminal One

     GTAA Terminal One

     Toronto, ON
  • MBTA Charles

     MBTA Charles

     Boston, MA

Helping the Architect’s “VISION”

become reality

A catalogue of standard shapes, sizes and finishes should not limit an Architect’s Vision.  Through an iterative process involving creativity, technical savvy and patience; Nelson plays a critical role in ensuring a designer’s vision culminates in a manufacturable architectural solution.

  • Vaughan Centre Station
  • GTAA Terminal One
  • MBTA Charles
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Transportation + Infrastructure
Design Excellence Awards

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Subway Station

Grimshaw; Adamson Associates Architects; MBTW Group

A brilliant kaleidoscopic art installation soars across the station’s ceiling, utilizing mirrored surfaces to redirect light and create a constantly kinetic environment activated by station’s users.


Ceiling system 500,000 Sq Ft

Close to 70,000 panels and
other fabricated components

Required thousands of hours
of Project Management and
coordination of internal

Pearson International Airport, Toronto

We were entrusted to design and manufacture the largest ceiling system contracted nationwide (500,000 Sq Ft), and are proud of our contribution to the construction of Canada’s most spectacular Airport – Terminal 1 of the Toronto Pearson International.

Over the course of 18 months, our engineering group's design and manufacturing resources produced close to 70,000 panels and other fabricated components. The project planning and execution required thousands of hours of Project Management and coordination of internal activities with site conditions and logistical constraints, in correlation with five other organizations contributing know-how and resources.

Manufactured from painted aluminum or mirror-finish stainless steel, the multitude of ceiling and fascia panels were designed to follow a challenging building geometry throughout multiple areas and levels, providing at the same time various functional, acoustical and aesthetic properties.

CN Tower Observation Deck,
Toronto, ON

Reflective Mirror Finish Ceiling Panels

The idea was to take an Incredible view and expand it.

Why look at ceiling panels when you can see so much more of the best view of Toronto in Toronto.


Nuvo Panel-TSP flat non-perforated torsion spring type hook-on ceiling panels manufactured from 4mm thick fire rated aluminum composite material with exposed grid component, powder painted in black polyester.




Almost 500 panels in
14 different sizes

553.33 meters (1,815 feet) tall,
only 2.79 centimeters
(1.1 inches) off-center

More than 2 million people
visit CN Tower every year